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1 Identification of the substance and company.

Trade name: FLINT or SILICA (water ground).

Chemical name: SILICON DIOXIDE, SiO2.

Supplier: CTM Supplies, 9 Spruce Close, Exeter EX4 9JU, England.

Tel. + 44 (0) 1395 233077. Fax. 01395 233905.

Emergency Telephone Number: 01395 233077 or your local health service.

2. Composition.

Component: Quartz.

CAS: 14808-60-7.

EINECS: 2388784.

% of composition:>10

Component: Silica.

CAS: 7631-86-9.

EINECS: 2315454.

% of composition:<90.

3. Health Hazard Identification.

Inhalation: Excessive exposure may cause symptoms of chronic lung disease.

Ingestion: The product is of low solubility in body fluids and it is likely to be of low acute toxicity.

Eyes: May cause physical irritation and inflammation.

Skin: The material is not a primary irritant, but as with any abrasive powder it may give rise to minor irritation.

4. First Aid Measures.

Inhalation: Remove patient to fresh air, loosen clothing and seek medical attention.

Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting, seek medical advice.

Eyes: Wash immediately with copious amounts of water.

Skin: Wash affected areas with water.

5. Fire fighting Measures.

Extinguishing media: Suitable for surrounding fire conditions.

Special exposure hazard: In the event of fire the product may emit harmful or toxic fumes.

Personal protective equipment: Self-contained breathing apparatus.

6. Accidental Release Measures.

Leaks & spills: Use suitable vacuum equipment where reasonably practicable, otherwise damp down and scoop into a receptacle.

Personal protective equipment: Respiratory protective equipment.

7. Handling & Storage,

Handling: Do not eat, drink, or smoke in areas where the material is used. Wash thoroughly after handling the material.

Storage: Store in a dry area.

8. Exposure Controls/Personal Protective Equipment.

Engineering controls: Adequate ventilation should be provided so that Occupational Exposure Limits are not exceeded. Local Exhaust Ventilation is preferable to personal protection.

Personal protective equipment: Where necessary, suitable personal protection should be used (e.g. overalls, gloves, mask).

9. Physical & Chemical Properties.

Appearance & odour: Colourless powder, odourless.

Flash point (C): Not applicable.

Flammability: Not applicable.

Explosive properties: Non-explosive.

Oxidising properties: None.

Specific gravity: about 21/2.

pH value: 7 (Insoluble in water).

Melting point (C): >1100.

10. Stability & Reactivity.

Chemical stability: The material is stable.

Conditions/materials to avoid: None known.

Hazardous decomposition products: None known.

Hazardous polymerisation products: None.

11. Toxicological Information.

Acute toxicity:

LD50 Oral (rat): Not known.

LD50 Dermal: Not known.

LC50 Inhalation: Not known.

Health effects: Prolonged or repeated exposure above Occupational Exposure Standards may cause chronic lung damage.

12. Ecological Information.

Ecotoxicity: Not known.

Persistence: The product is chemically stable and will persist in the environment.

13. Disposal.

Dispose of in accordance with current Waste Disposal Regulations (for UK Special Waste Regulations 1996). Landfill is the most appropriate method.

14. Transport Information.

No special precautions are required. This product is not classified as dangerous for conveyance.

15. Regulatory Information.

EC Supply labelling: Harmful Xn.

R-Phrases: R20 Harmful by inhalation.

R48: Danger of serious damage to health by prolonged exposure.

S-Phrases: S22/23 Do not breathe dust or fumes/spray.

U.K. Occupational exposure limits: mg/m3 8 hr TWA % in product

Crystalline silica (respirable dust) 0.3 >10.

16. Other Information.

This data sheet gives information on the hazards involved in the use of this material: it cannot, however, cover the risks associated with such use. This assessment, required by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations, can only be carried out by the end-user in the light of the actual conditions of use.

Disclaimer: This data sheet has been produced using the most up-to-date information available: however, because of the many factors outside our control when this product is used, we cannot accept liability for any injury, accident, loss or damage caused through its use even if reasonable safety procedures are applied.

Authorised by: C.J. Priddle Position: Health & Safety Manager.


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